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2019 City of Palm Desert Gallery Exhibit

Living Room Palm Springs sunset aa.jpg

Palm Desert Sunset

Preparation 2b&w.jpg


The path east 2a  b&w.jpg

The Path East

The Sentinal B&W.jpg

The Sentinal

Late afternoon along 1000 Palm Road.jpg

Late afternoon along 1000 Palms Road

Dillon Road panorama 2 B&W.jpg

Dillon Road panorama

After the rain 2a.jpg

After the rain

Dillon Road 120718a.jpg

Dillon Road 12/7/18

Clouds after the storm.jpg

Clouds after the storm

Basil Fields 3a.jpg

Basil Fields

1000 Palms Road 3a.jpg

1000 Palms Road

Tangeled 2 B&W.jpg


The rock B&W.jpg

The rock

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