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Personal Statement
The arrangement of form, lines, and interest content of what I see motivates me to produce images that express my reaction to these scenes.  Photography is my means of expression.
There is a contrast between the human arrangement of the world vs. the natural evolution of the landscape, untouched and unshaped by us.  My photographs show the similarities as well as the differences.  The eye and the brain working in a harmonious and rhythmic chorus identify that grand moment from which I extract segments to emphasize my vision, translating the three-dimensional scene into the two-dimensional image.

.I see shapes, contours, patterns, colors, flowing forms, in a myriad of combinations.   A solitary object, perhaps a tree or a boulder or an unusual assemblage of rocks contained within a tranquil and natural scene, becomes the contrasting element of the image.  Their location in the scene and the movement of the mind’s eye as it follows my vision's flow are what create the image.
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