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My photographic education and experience began in the 1960's as an informal explosion of a passion for visual excitement that began when I was a boy of 8 or 9.  My Father took me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I was exposed to what I can only describe as a "new world".  I stood before Winslow Homer's painting, "The Gulf Stream" and was transfixed.  I went home with a postcard and viewed it with childhood wonderment until it was practically unrecognizable, worn and tattered.    


I've visited numerous Museums around the world and stood before many works of art in various disciplines: photography, paintings, and sculptures are my primary interests.  The excitement remains and continues to add fuel to my passion.   My education has been mentored along the way by others and has been primarily self-taught.  Reading books on technology and methodology, fine art, and the history of
photography have accompanied my journey.

I've photographed and produced color slides for a number of Museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Frick Collection, the Musuem of Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum, The Asia House Society, for resale in their Museum stores.

I served as president of the Photographic Society of Philadelphia for several terms during the 1970's.  The society is the oldest camera club in continuous existence in the United States and is still a vital entity in Philadelphia.

I've taught photography in Philadelphia and Des Moines, Iowa as part of adult education programs.
My photographs have been in numerous exhibits in Philadelphia, Chicago, Des Moines, and most recently in Palm Desert, California.  They have been sold by galleries in Des Moines and in Santa Monica, as well as through direct sales.  They are in many private collections.
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